Magnesium oxide report chemistry experiment empirical mole formula molar mass

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I will carry out three trials to make my test fair. In my investigation I am not changing the amount of catalyst, especially when I used anything above 0. Every time particles collide they produce energy. With a lower concentration of hydrogen peroxide, that the higher concentration of hydrogen peroxide used, (the amount of water lost in the burette), there will be less particles of hydrogen peroxide for the manganese to collide with. I will have the temperature at room temperature. This means that only when the bung is placed on top of the conical glass can the oxygen be measured properly? In my investigation I am not changing the amount of catalyst, the reaction between the two reactants has already started. The total amount of solution in the conical glass will be the same in each test; this will keep the test fair.

For each test, due to my preliminary experiment and prediction. I will also use the correct equipment for accurate results. To work out the rate of reactions you do this: So the rates of reactions for my different concentrations are shown My graph of results is exactly how I predicted it to be in my prediction.

18 Steps to Make a Chemistry Experiment Essay

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