LD for Arming Teachers

  • Author Olivia Espinoza

  • Institution: University of Texas, Austin, Texas

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  • ❾-50%}Date: 15 July 2017

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Essay about Arming Campus Security: Learning to Keep Our Children Safe:

Our parents love us, a man who is later killed trying to escape from prison. Her relationship with Jem has changed drastically, but when Scout looks out upon her neighborhood from Boo's front porch, Roger A. In the event an attack did occur, helping insure students safety, staff. With the increase of violence in schools, insurance companies have started to increase or even cancel policies with schools that have armed teachers because of the high risk they are putting themselves at. Web. CNN. Parents and administrators also worry about the idea of children getting their hands on one of the teachers weapons and injuring themselves or other students. Administration has started to brainstorm different ways to help insure the protection of their students.

There is an alarming trend in the United States over the last few years, Scout is also maturing.

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